June 19, 2010

Too many holes, too many holes.

Why are rich white people so annoying? I wish they would all just blow up or something. Seriously it seems like all medical professionals and the like treat me like I am scum because I have tattoos. Example: today at the dentist all the dental assistants looked at me like trash and seemed pretty irritated that I dare show my tatted up body in the their rich white dental office. I'm sure most of their patients are having affairs and are addicted to Vicodin. But no- I'm the one with the problem. And since I had two cavities I obviously had a mouth full of cavities. Gawd. Go fuck yourself.

And then they were going to overcharge me the receptionist was like, "do you want to call your parents so they can give me their credit card number?" Um, I'm 23 and I live 1500 miles away from home in mother-fucking kentucky, do you really think my parents are in the mood to pay for my cavities? I left without paying for a damn thing, and without getting any damn holes filled.

June 7, 2010

Grunge Hippies Are on to Something

Can someone please fill me in on why the hell laundromats are so expensive these days? I can understand if said laundromat has upgraded to really nice washers that practically behave like robots and dryers that can 'sense' when the clothes are dry, but what about washers that are from the 19-fucking-70s and vibrate dangerously during the spin cycle in a way that tells you to stand back or die.. I just went to a laundromat that charged 2.50 for the regular old crappity crap washers. Then there is the crappy dryers where the heat setting goes to like 800 degrees, and they just burn your clothes and damage the fuck out of them, and it's like 25 cents for 5 minutes. To wash and dry one load of laundry is about 3.50.

If I only did one load a week that would be totally chill in my book, but I'm not an 18 year old boy who washes all color and fabrics together so it's so not ok! I have one load of whites, one of dark, one of colors, two loads of towels, and every now and then I'll wash my comforter. I include the sheets with the whites. My boyfriend has one load of colors, he adds his whites and darks to my loads. So all together that is 6 normal loads, which comes out to 21 bucks give or take a couple quarters. And every now and then it's probable 28 bucks because it takes 7 bucks to wash and dry my comforter. 20 bucks of laundry seems pricey so we end up doing it every ten days or so. There are three sets of ten in one month, that's 60 bucks of laundry every month. And some months it will be closer to 70 bucks. Plus the cost of detergent and dryer sheets which I don't even want to get into because detergent is way too pricey these days.

So that's 750 dollars a year just to do laundry at a laundromat, that does not include the cost of supplies. I could buy a dented washer and dry for that amount. Seriously, how depressing. But I guess the silver lining is that if we went to the odd sock laundry which is 50 cents cheaper we would save over one hundred dollars, OR
we could by a washboard and save over 700 dollars.

If it's good enough for the Amish, it's good enough for me.