August 11, 2009

Get out of my Lud(wig)

Purple, black, brown, light brown, golden blonde, platinum blonde, blue, turquoise, black and blonde, fire engine red, bright green, pink, burgandy, blue-black, red. Bitch bangs, side bangs, normal bangs. short-ish, medium and extra fucking long. Never a chelsea :( never a tri-hawk also sad face. The boufant stays. Once a mullet. Once a shag that made me look like nikki sixx. Once my parents let me cut my own bangs. Assholes. All in braids, should have opted out for dreads. Scratch that. I looked like Mia Wallace all through junior year minus the shot in my heart and bloody nose. That didn't come till two years later. Maybe extensions to my feet one day so I wrap myself in hair and be uber creepy like Nicole Kidman in Fur. Maybe not.

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