July 24, 2010

12 and Pregnant

I just watched four consecutive hours of "16 and Pregnant." I'm not really sure why. I guess mtv shows are the only thing Safari on Windows Vista will play without completely fucking up everything. And I wasn't about to watch Cribs or some stupid dating show or some show about fake italians who need to seriously, seriously be shot- or worse sent to Iraq to learn how to shut the fuck up. Anyway...

The whole premise of 16 and pregnant is supposed to show teenagers that getting preggo while in high school is a bad idea and makes your life very very hard. It's supposed to be birth control. Yet I think MTV does a horrid job of de-glamorizing teen pregnancy. All the girls tend to have rich parents who are push overs and we see yet another generation of grandparents raising babies. All the girls are treated like shit by their stupid boyfriends-yet they stick around because "it's better for the baby." Um no it's not, it's ten thousand times worse. Plus they repeat the phrase better for the baby over and over and over yet none of them, except one or two, actually do the best thing for the baby and give it up for adoption. Some of the girls continue to party and have unprotected sex because believe it or not having a baby doesn't make you smarter. It doesn't rearrange your brain. It doesn't change anything about you biologically, it doesn't change your DNA. And it certainly does make a 16 year old selfish spoiled brat an Adult. You can't claim to be an adult when you A. rely on your parents, B. Still in high school or dropped out but still have no high school equivalent diploma, C. complain and cry that you can't go to prom because you're pregnant or bc you have a new born to take care of. Adults don't cry because they can't go shopping at the mall because they have a family of three to feed and bills to pay.

Seriously like get the fuck over yourself. So then MTV plays this stupid show and stupid girls watch it but I don't think it prevents them from having unprotected sex because teenagers think they are invincible. They think that getting preggo at 16 would never happen to them, and if it did-that it would be perfect.

I want mtv to show a a 16 year old get pregnant and have a miscarriage 6 months into it. That is real life. I want mtv to show a single mom who is 16 living on the streets with her baby-or in a shelter. Or even just one of these girls on her own and incredibly broke and bills piling higher and higher. That is real life. I watch all my friends who got pregnant at a young age. "16 and pregnant" glorified the shitty times by showing young girls that parents swoop in and become free daycare, and that it's ok to married at 17 to a guy you're only with because you have a child together.

And what's really sad is ten years from now the show will be called 12 and Pregnant and it will be a norm in our society to see tweens preggo. Tweego is what we'll call it. And mtv will glorify that shit too.

July 23, 2010

Land of Shut the Fuck Up.

So this is a bumper sticker on my car. Compared to my other stickers it's pretty chillax and non-offensive. At least that's what I thought, until some stupid fucking douche bag in the airforce WROTE all over it tonight. Look if you're going to write on someone's car in permanent marker it better be something that actually argues with the message not just information about yourself. So basically all they wrote was what division they were in, in the airforce. I'd like to start by saying that this sticker has nothing to do with the MILITARY. And I don't give a flying fuck that you were in the military and that you killed a bunch of people to protect something you don't have and never will, which is freedom. Second of all in your narrow dumb ass mind you are free and you fought for freedom which includes FREEDOM OF MOTHERFUCKING SPEECH asshole. If you don't like the message my car portrays then don't look at it-don't fucking write on it. Or even better write a note on a piece of paper and leave it under my windshield, or even better yet sit there and wait for me to come out to my car so you can talk to me in person about what that message means to you.

Chances are if I have politically liberal stickers on my car I don't give a fuck what your last job was and I'll probably just removed your stupid message as soon as I get my hands on some nail polish remover (which was done the minute I got home.)

So whoever did that can go fuck themselves and then maybe get a book and read it. Educate yourself. Do us all a favor and learn something before you open your mouth.

July 11, 2010

Boring Schmoring.

Why is it when I look up other people's blogs in the Louisville area, they are boring as hell. Is every 20 something female in LV married with kids? And if they are not, they are jesus freaks.

Mia Zapata is buried at the same cemetery as Colonel Sanders. That is a big deal, and how did I not remember that she was from Louisville? Maybe because it meant nothing to me at the time.

Ughmmmmmmmmmmm, been watching a lot of Hal Hartely lately, I like his writing and directing style, I respond well and cant seem to get enough once the movie is over. Plus he has a knack for Parker Posey- which makes me like him even more. Last night we watched (and this is unrelated) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I just don't know how I felt about the movie. Side note..my cat just shit in her box and the whole apartment smells now. Anyway the story seemed to be a crazed mess, but the visuals were good.

It's already 3 pm, where the fuck has the day gone:/

July 1, 2010

Harry Spatula Trash-can Man

Since I didn't take a picture of what I saw, I drew it.