September 18, 2010

"Crisis Culture"

Recently I read a post on my sister's page about some doctor who wrote a letter to the president. Here is the link to that letter:

his letter inspired me to also write a letter to the president. Here it is.

Dear Mr. President,

I am not a rich white male doctor. I am just a concerned citizen who grew up in a poor family. I have many friends who are single mothers who benefit greatly from social welfare programs. Medicaid does not concern me. What concerns me is Medicare. What is up with all the senior citizens using their Medicare to buy expensive wheel chairs that can take them to the Grand Canyon? After all, they did have at least 65 years to get to the Grand Canyon when their legs still worked. I mean what the fuck is really going on here? My hard earned tax dollars are going to these old folks who have cancer and other old ailments, and dentures. Psh. There is not a health care crisis going on. I mean even though THERE IS a shortage of nurses and health care workers and social workers and THERE IS a shortage of money for WORTHY education in POOR ASS parts, it's obviously not an issue of politics, or a recession, or even just 8 fucking years of GEORGE BUSH and many many republicans not giving a shit about anyone who makes less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, this is an issue of our culture what we find important. Going to the Grand Canyon is not important. Buying 20 pairs of KEDs sneakers, argyle sweater vests, Fake teeth, hundreds of prescriptions for god knows what (they are probably just drug seekers) is not important.

This is a culture that thinks I can go where ever I want in my pricey hover round because the country will take care of me. As soon as you get this situation of erratic pricey wheel chair spending down then I will be on board and support the nation.

Love always,
An ignorant citizen.

Just Kidding!

If someone wrote this (about senior citizens) would be an outrage. So why is it not an outrage when some white/male/doctor/rich writes a letter about a (black) woman who has medicaid? First of all, she does not represent the whole population. Second of all, if you're going to bitch about someone "abusing" something in the system you might as well bitch about everyone who is abusing the system. And third, you're a fucking doctor, you probably had rich parents and went to a really nice public school. You probably didn't grow up in the ghetto. You probably know nothing about 'tough times.'

So what if she has tattoos and gold tooth? What if her friend is a tattoo artist and did all those tats in her basement? What if she got that gold tooth 10 years ago? And even if she does smoke a pack of cigs a day it doesn't mean 'we the people' are going to be paying for her lung transplant!

I wonder how this asshole feels about people with aids or HIV. He probably thinks that women who are raped were probably asking for it. Honestly I think this guy looks like a smug motherfucker who probably hates a lot of things about a lot of people. People who probably like his stupid ignorant letter to the President.

By his standards any single person who has a tattoo should not receive any help from the government. I guess that includes a shit ton of people in the military, because lets face it-buying expensive things means you don't care about your health-and I can think of lots of military, police, emts, fire fighters, gov workers, who buy expensive things and have tattoos and drink alcohol and smoke cigs- SO all these people also don't deserve any help from the government.

How about we HIRE more social workers so more investigations can be done on those that do abuse the system. How about we put MORE money into education and poor neighborhoods and community centers with after school programs. How about we tell smug assholes to go fuck themselves when they write ignorant letters to the president and getting overwhelmingly popular on facebook for it.

The real culture crisis here is that someone can make a video on youtube and become as famous the US president or the Pope. The real crisis is that kids can recite justin beiber lyrics yet they don't know who Shakespeare or John Steinbeck are.

my childhood.

Downtime/alone time was made extra special with my Barbie fashion plate coloring set.

Sitting on grannie's shag carpet watching Inspector Gadget. That is how I remember holidays.

I also had this thing that would hold a piece of paper and it would spin it and I would squeeze paint on the paper as it spins. I guess it's called Spin Paint, or something like that. All the images in the internet have of this so called "spin paint" are not like the one I had.

Fun for the whole family.

Trapper Keeper. Hell to the yes.

September 11, 2010

Now it all makes sense.

I've been on a non stop search to find something that actually warms my black heart of ice. That search can finally end.