January 10, 2010

The Antisocial Staircase

This is the second staircase in our house. It is literally 20 feet away from the main, much larger staircase. It is a pain in the ass to use because it is so narrow and none of steps are even. In the dark it becomes a suicide mission, although one would probably just get stuck instead of tumble to their death. The staircase goes from the front of the bathroom upstairs to the kitchen downstairs. You can go up the stair case, and down the staircase without having to face anyone in the living room. And that is why it is the Antisocial Staircase. It has become the only staircase the roommates use. I don't think they even go into the living room anymore. I could paint a big FUCK YOU in hot pink letters on the wall in the living room and it would go unnoticed.

How special.


  1. I think your journal is intriguing as well. I'm always pleased to come across another lover of Kathleen Hanna. If you would like some advice on the area or a new friend, you should email me: mathwitchATgmailDOTcom.

  2. I've read four pages of your blog, and I don't get why it was flagged for content. Maybe "Dick and Jane"? I used to live in Covington, and I kind of miss the place, but still glad I left. That 24/7 store with the security you talk about in one post sounds like the place I used to work on Madison. It used to be a Sunoco, but it's called something else now.

    I don't know where you live there or where you've been, but try the Anchor Grill, and the shops on Mainstrausse. It sounds to me like you got lured into one of the worse parts of town.

    Covington Chili is a good place to meet some of the nicer locals. The owner, George, who is Greek, is a really good guy.

    I'm going to bookmark your blog, later I might add it to my blogroll. Glad I found you.

  3. I think it is flagged for content because of the picture at the top. I did in fact get lured to the ghetto. I have yet to see Mainstrausse but I really want to walk down there when it's not so cold and see the shops and whatnot.

    Thanks for the tips! It's so hard moving to a new town and not knowing anyone and anything to do.

  4. No problem, I hope I could help somehow. I know from experience that Covington has a seamy, dark side that tends to overshadow all it's good qualities. Luckily, you're not that far from Cincinnati, near Fountain Square and the Serpentine Wall. Across from Fountain Square, used to be a mall at the corner of sixth and Vine. There's a lot of shops there and a food court in the basement level. That place, and that general area, can seem like a real refuge sometimes, I swear. You, or at least I, could spend hours there.

    I could probably think of more, but I don't want to overwhelm you, or bore you.

    Glad you came back, I was afraid for a while you'd given up blogging. I'll be keeping up with you.

  5. Blogging is the only thing I have left to keep my sanity. I have found a couple interesting spots in Cincinnati but I just can't get the feel of the city. I know there are cool people in Covington and Cinci but I feel like they are hiding or only stay within their neighborhoods.