February 12, 2010

Dear bloody uterus, I hate you.

I wrote a little poem that I'd like to share to the world.

Cramps are stupid, cramps are mean, cramps are like a buzz kill machine.

Periods suck, periods ruin my day, my period is worst than a one million word essay.

Crying for no reason is annoying, eating sweet and salty shit all day spoils my dinner,I wish my uterus would stop being such an east berliner.

My lower back hurts, my ovaries are pressing down on a nerve that makes my legs and feet hurt like hell, and I'm sure my fallopian tube is glad she said farewell.

Last month aunt flow was two weeks late, this month she is two weeks early, next month lets try to be punctual, ok girlie!?

The End.

I guess I'll go sit in the hole thats been dug for me by my tribe now.

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