March 23, 2010

Didn't See That One Coming

So, I know haven't written in awhile. I've been uninspired and stressed beyond belief. One week ago the bf and I went to Louisville because my parents were there to see the theater festival. So we came back Thursday night and the roommates are painting shit back white and packing stuff up. "We broke the lease, we're moving back to San Diego in a couple weeks."

The good news is that in due time I will never have to see these crazy dipshits again. The bad news is that they keep packing up stuff that is not theirs. Tell me, why do two people who only eat vegetables need four of my steak knives? One day they were there in the knife block and the next day four knives were gone and have not returned. Who the fuck does that? And they have their own knives. I'm tempted to steal theirs and claim that they are packed and it was merely an accident. But I can't stoop, it is not in me.

We are obviously not staying in Covington. It looks like we are going to try and move to Louisville. I think I may have an easier time getting some sort of job their, plus I wanted to apply at the Graduate School at U of L.

So that is my life in nutshell.

Oh and I got a purse that seriously looks like a chicken.

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