April 14, 2010


So today I found out that my checking account was somehow hacked and all my money is gone. Not saying that much money was in there to begin with but nonetheless it's gone. This happened just in time because I'm pretty sure I have a cavity that needs filling because my tooth is less comfortable than usual. Now I have to wait two or even. . . three fucking weeks to hopefully get my money back. And then I can go fix this tooth. I hope my mouth can last that long. I guess this is what credit cards are for. Even though I just charged 100 or so, for internet and another 20 bucks today for a couple groceries. WHY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? Why anyone? I loathe people who steal from other poor people. I don't get it. Not only did this person steal from me, but they bought stuff from other countries which then charged more to my card for international purchase fees.

So I wrote a letter to the person who stole from me.

Dear person's name I do not wish to ever know,

I hate you. You ruined my day. I doubt you give a shit. Because that is the kind of person you are. Today was special for me because I finished fixing up my kitchen. I painted it seafoam green and last night I painted a shelf white. And my boyfriend put the shelf up today. We hung the curtains today too. And the internet guy came and hooked up my WIFI and it seemed like today was going to be really good. My sister finally got to see a good doctor today because her original doctor (and my old dr as well) is a complete bitch and no one should ever have to see her. It seemed like things were really looking up for me and Shawn and my sister. And then I logged onto my banking account online and there you were. Sitting all nonchalant like nothing just happened. All your purchases that didn't make any sense whatsoever, I mean what does Internec even mean anyway? And other one was just letters and numbers. And international charges? What the fuck? Seriously? Well I'm glad that you got to spend some money to buy some bullshit in a different country. I hope Karma doesn't waste time before it kicks your ass back to last wednesday. Literally. I seriously hope the universe does a summersault and swallows you in a time warp conundrum so that you get stuck in last wednesday and cannot get out. I hope you rot there. I mean if you're going to get stuck in any day why would you want to be stuck in wednesday of the first week of April? Wouldn't you rather get stuck in Christmas Day? Yeah, my point exactly.

Anyway, like I said I hate you. But I chose to not let you ruin my day. Instead of moping around all day like you had planned for me, I went to the library. And I checked out some really cool cds and some fun books. Then I went to the store. Then I came home and I ate some candy. And although that candy irritated the tooth that probably has a cavity and needs some dentist lovin' I still am in a good (well better) mood then I should have been in. So fuck you mr. mysterious person who sucks at life.



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  1. For the record it took like two months to get my money back.