April 7, 2010

Thank you Jesus....Martinez.

We have moved to Louisville. No more bastard roommates to steal our shit and make our lives hell. If anyone reads this blog and lives outside of the Cincinnati area watch out for them, for they may be looking for new roommates. They may be on the prowl for their next victims.

Beware: If you see a tall fat guy with ten leather pouches around his neck (who has a knack for stealing from Radioshack and Kroger)and is with a girl is short and stalky who looks perfectly normal and has a quaint little giggle but the look of death, do not, I repeat DO NOT fall for it. Run in the other direction as fast as you can. And alert your city zoo keepers that a couple of Hyenas have broken lose. And then give them the description above.

Louisville is so far windy and warm. But I've been trapped without my car with a cash flow problem. One of those has been solved so I can start to explore the city again with my eyes and not with my wallet. Except for the occasional vintage find that my heart cannot live without. That is something that LV has that Cincy does not; fabulous thrift stores on every corner.

Now I have to go live so I can find something interesting to write about. My downstairs neighbors who might be crackpots are a possibility of interest. Until next time, see you later alligator.


  1. Good luck, hope you like Louisville more than Covington, which evidently wouldn't take a lot to accomplish. Now that you're gone from there, any chance you might let loose with these people's names? If you don't want to say here, just shoot me an e-mail, or a comment on my blog. I seriously want to know in case I know those assholes, though to tell you the truth, I doubt that, but you never can tell.

  2. Brittany S and Darrel H..I wont spell out there last names but her last name rhymes with wrell and his last name rhymes with welm. haha.