July 11, 2010

Boring Schmoring.

Why is it when I look up other people's blogs in the Louisville area, they are boring as hell. Is every 20 something female in LV married with kids? And if they are not, they are jesus freaks.

Mia Zapata is buried at the same cemetery as Colonel Sanders. That is a big deal, and how did I not remember that she was from Louisville? Maybe because it meant nothing to me at the time.

Ughmmmmmmmmmmm, been watching a lot of Hal Hartely lately, I like his writing and directing style, I respond well and cant seem to get enough once the movie is over. Plus he has a knack for Parker Posey- which makes me like him even more. Last night we watched (and this is unrelated) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I just don't know how I felt about the movie. Side note..my cat just shit in her box and the whole apartment smells now. Anyway the story seemed to be a crazed mess, but the visuals were good.

It's already 3 pm, where the fuck has the day gone:/

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